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What Canada offers to immigrants who migrate to Canada?

Every year thousands of students migrate to Canada for higher studies. Canada is one of the best countries liked by the students to visit and for study purpose. Students they move to Canada for studying in Canadian colleges and universities with a Canadian study permit and want to get experience. After graduation migrants love to have post graduation work permit and then it becomes very convenient for them to apply for permanent residence in Canada with the aid of express entry program.

Canada is eager to welcome international students as it had opened the door last year in the month of October and offered them a designated learning institution. Covid-19 plan was approved by Canadian government that every student will be quarantined for 14 days as per government approval.

Moving further, talking about Canada it is a beautiful country and it is ranked as number one in the world to study abroad. Universities in Canada are known for technological innovations mainly in the field of computer and information technology. It has become a friendly and welcoming country for the new comers who shift to Canada from different countries. Colleges and universities aid Canadians and support their communities.

Canada is coming out from the current stage of corona pandemic and offering the students to get admitted in the respective colleges and universities because of their skills and kind of education which they want to obtain. By working at different Canada workplaces people acquire experience and become skilled that later on help them in their small business.

For the Canadian colleges and universities, international students are really very important as they bring revenue. Generally, more revenue is generated by the international students as compare to the domestic students as they pay substantially. Not only this, these students enhance social and cultural diversity of the campuses. After getting education, well-educated individuals contribute to Canada workforce and get permanent residency. Business management and public administration is being a popular educational stream for the students till now.

It has been noticed that half of the post graduation students get permanent residency in Canada even after applying for first study work permit. Moreover, every kind of facility is provided by the Canadian government to students and workers such as finance, health, safety, water, transportation, food and so on.

Canada is also offering chance to post graduate work permit holders to qualify for open work permit which help in getting experience for permanent residency. Migrants whose post graduation work permit expired and are still in Canada. They have six months window to apply for eighteen months open work permit according to the new policy. With this they can stay there for long time.